my art

This page will feature my growing inventory of artistic illustrations, prints, paintings, doodles, and whatever else flows from my creative space. Creating is an integral part of my spiritual and personal development. It helps me to nourish my soul and my passions, while staying aligned with myself amidst the stresses of every-day life. Art is my home… and I welcome you in!





If you’d like to help me keep creating, growing, and sharing my art, please consider contributing a 1 dollar donation!

Thanks for your support everyone,

-Jenna Scout






I will be leaving this button up on each of my posts, if any readers would be so inclined. At Smith, I’m surrounded by a community of activism, art, and education. However, I’m a full-time student and have limited work-study availability. Many advocacy events, speakers, and community classes demand a fee. Help me to immerse myself in the opportunities my community has to offer by donating a dollar (or two!) Thank you for your consideration, Jenna Scout



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