Guide to the New Moon | September 20th, 2017

September’s New Moon is especially Divine this year, for a few reasons. Firstly, it is the first New Moon since the total eclipse in August. This marks an important milestone in the 6 month transformation an Eclipse initiates. (I’ll delve into this further in the guide.) Secondly, the New Moon is in Virgo this month. The characteristics this New Moon will emphasize in our lives are healing, introspection, development, and cleansing.  Thirdly, it falls just before the Autumn Equinox. This Equinox celebrates balance, gratefulness, reflection, and harvest.  This introductory guide will give you an in-depth understanding of the elements of the September New Moon, while learning what to keep an eye out for in future moons.

New Moons: What’s the Big Idea?

The Moon

Just as the Moon’s gravitational pull affects the water of the sea, it also affects people, as we are composed of mostly water ourselves. Water is the element associated with depth and emotion. Being aware of the way the Moon’s influences our subconscious can help us become more aligned with ourselves and our world. It is for this reason that a person’s astrological Moon Sign reveals the ordering of their emotional, under-the-surface self. It is a force of truth and illumination. In Tarot decks, the Moon or Luna card suggests that a hidden truth will be revealed.

The Moon is just like any other element of matter: it holds a frequency. All living beings are sensitive to frequencies, and as the Moon shifts through her phases, the frequencies she emits shift as well. Being aware of how those frequencies impact us can be a great tool for self growth!

New Moons

Each moon cycle lasts about 29-30 days, and each phase of the Moon is associated with different chapter in one’s journey. The New Moon signifies the completion of one cycle of transformation, and the beginning of another. Metaphorically, it has been described as the unplanted seed: the beginning. For this reason, it is the ideal time to plant intentions for what’s to come in your life, but specifically, in the next 29 day cycle of the Moon.

Imagine that as the Moon matures from New to Waxing to Full (I skipped a few steps there but you get the idea), the seed of intention you planted is a blooming flower. At the Full Moon, the flower bears fruit! The Full Moon is the time of harvest, when you reap the results of that intention. Sometimes, the intention has been fully realized. Other times, you have come to a place of greater understanding, or received information you need to progress the rate of achievement. The Full Moon has often revealed to me that my original intention was not authentic or beneficial to my self-growth, and I then reform it at the next New Moon.

The Waning Moon period is a time of reflection and rest.

Setting one’s intentions can be done a grand or simple manner. Some choose to do rituals beneath the moon, some simply write their intentions down and proclaim them to the Universe, or whatever entity they may hold as the center of their spiritual practice.


New Moon Ritual

Here’s a general example of what a New Moon ritual might look like:

Write a list of specific intentions or goals you hope to bring to fruition. Small goals, large goals, all goals are welcome! Please be positive. Follow your intuition as to the degree of specificity. A fair balance of broadness and detail is best in most circumstances. For example, if I wanted to invite money into my life, I may cite the following intention:

“I intend to find success in a craft that allows me to share love with others and establish a secure financial foundation.”

From here, I would try to improve advertising and outreach regarding my craft and sales. No, the Universe will not do all the work for you. But a positive intention goes a long way towards success, whether or not you believe there’s a greater power at work!

Have fun recording these intentions! Let your intuition guide you. A creative Water Sign may be drawn to use that element in their ritual. Water is especially effective in Moon rituals! For example, writing one’s intentions on rocks and submerging them in a glass jar, filled with water and exposed on the night of the New Moon would invite a lot of energy. Some may prefer simply to state their intentions out loud to the night, or illustrate them some other way. Be yourself. Do what comes naturally. Be sure to thank the Universe for hearing you. As New Moon are highly cleansing, it will ground you to breathe in clarity, and exhale anything you wish to release.

When you’re done crafting and proclaiming your intentions, charge them. If you’ve written your intentions on paper, consider weighing them down with a rock under the night sky, or burning the intention. Fire is the element of action, and some are drawn to use it to encourage their intentions to manifest more quickly. (Be safe!)

Keep a written record of your New Moon intentions. During the Full Moon, if you choose to celebrate it, reflect back on them. If something has been actualized, say a big “thank you!” to yourself and the Universe. Good teamwork! Of course, feel free to revise your list at any time. If you feel something isn’t quite right, listen to your gut. At the next New Moon, carry over intentions from your previous list that were not yet realized in completion. It is likely they just need more time to manifest. Re-energize them in the next cycle!

moon salts
Make your own bath salts to celebrate the New Moon here!

Most importantly, be aware, and be patient. Signs and guidance are more likely to reveal themselves when you aren’t looking for them, but are open to receiving them. This is often how people find themselves drawn to a certain element of spiritual practice, such as numerology, color-work, or herbal work. A recurring theme appears to them in a nature that is beyond coincidental!

Eclipse Moon

This New Moon is the first since the total eclipse in August. New Moons are always indicative of transformation and new beginnings. This is especially so in conjunction with the eclipse.

Eclipses mark 6 month periods of deep, whole transformation. The cycle brought on by an eclipse leaves one changed in their core, not just their current experience. New Moons mark milestones in that journey. It is almost like the first step has been completed, and the next is about to begin.

This factor encourages one to look inward at the core-essence changes they’d like to make in their existence, and reflect on if their prior intentions or efforts have ushered forth those changes. If not, this New Moon is a great time to set intentions that span across the period of the Eclipse, not just the coming 29-day moon cycle.

September’s New Moon: In Virgo

Similarly to the way a person presents with the characteristics of their signs, a Moon presents with the characteristics of whatever sign it may be in. The New Moon in September is in the realm of the Virgo. The purity of the Virgin is often mistaken to mean prudeness. The true interpretation of a Virgo’s purity is in action/intention; they are generally honest, service-oriented people who are truly rewarded by doing good for others.

The Virgo is a sign of service, healing, and introspection. Astrological signs are grouped into dualities, triplicities, and quadruplicities. I’ll illustrate these groups briefly, and express their role in this New Moon.

Duality: Signs are labelled as either masculine or feminine. This has nothing to do with binary stereotypes, but rather, how signs express their energy. Feminine signs, Virgo included, have great reserves of internal strength. They tend to be more self-contained than their action-oriented masculine counterparts. This is where the September New Moon will elicit introspection. People will be more inclined to look inward at personal changes they want to make; consider this when constructing your intentions! Focus in.

Triplicities: In this grouping, signs are divided into 4 categories, with three signs in each group: fire, water, earth and air. Each element expresses different characteristics. Fire signs are energetic and active (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Air signs are intellectual and expressive (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Water signs are emotional dreamers (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). Lastly, Earth signs are practical and grounded (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus). This New Moon cycle won’t invite much chaos, it seems.

Quadruplicities: Here, the signs are divided into groups of 3, with four signs in each group: cardinal, fixed, and mutuable. These characteristics determine how a sign may interact with their environment and peers. Cardinal signs are initiators, Fixed signs are perfectors, and Mutuable signs are flexible and adaptable to change. Virgo is a mutuable sign. This is a great characteristic to be enhanced by the New Moon, because the intentions you set will initiate change in your life. With a New Moon in mutuable Virgo, transformations are less likely to be met with resistance.

Great! Now that you have a little background on the Virgo, you should be able to see more clearly how to shape your intentions to work with the natural energy of this New Moon.

Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is associated with the Goddess Persephone, who retreats from Earth, returning to her husband Hades for 6 months of the year. In the 6 months she is on Earth, the fields are plentiful with flowers, crops, and abundance. The rest of the year she spends in the Underworld, welcoming newly departed souls, giving them guidance and comfort in the afterlife. During this time, the last of the crops are harvested.

The Autumn Equinox has many names in different spiritual practices. Also known as Mabon, Cornucopia, the Second Harvest Festival, or the Wine Harvest, this celebration marks the close of the lively Spring and Summer months. As we transition into Fall and Winter, we harvest the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated, thanking the Universe for providing us with opportunities to grow.

mabon spiced cider
Tis the season! Celebrate the Autumn Equinox by making a big batch of spiced cider for your loved ones! (credit here)

It is a celebration of all we have accomplished, and a time of personal rest. Ways to celebrate the Equinox are by collecting a harvest (i.e. apple or pumpkin picking), making crafts to usher in the aspects of Fall you look forward to most, and giving thanks to those you love for their role in your growth.

In regards to the New Moon, it falls just before the Autumn Equinox. Two days, to be exact! Use the harvest-energy to your benefit. Reflect on your past few months: what did you accomplish? What did you begin but not finish? How do you hope to use your experiences to shape the coming months? These questions might help to narrow down intentions that are most accessible through the energy of the Equinox.

hanging acorn
celebrate by making DIY Autumn Equinox decor! (credit here)

So taking in all of these factors, what are the recurring themes in this New Moon?

Reflection, harvest

Long-term changes


Personal development



Using these key-words, and the overviews illustrated in this guide, you now have the tools to compose thoughtful intentions custom-made for the energies of this New Moon. You also might have been inspired in regards to the ceremony, ritual, or mindful practice you choose to use to release your intentions to the Universe. I am so thankful for your presence and existence!

Love & Light!

-Jenna Scout

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