So basically, I’ve moved to the Garden of Eden. Except everyone is Eve: divine + thirsting for knowledge.

You know how in movies where people time travel to the Jurassic age, their lungs have to adapt because the oxygen is so fresh and pure? That’s what it’s like here.

There is abundant and diverse botanical life. Mother Nature’s air filters are everywhere!

I don’t have many words to do it justice. I did the best I could with photographs, but, I encourage anyone who is capable to visit the Smith Botanical Gardens and Lyman Plant House. It’s open to the public and a perfect date spot! In fact, one of my new college friends, who’s local, had her first ever kiss in the courtyard. Yes, I made friends!

Here are some snapshots of what a stroll around campus looks like in early September. I am living in a ceaseless daydream about when Autumn arrives…


-Jenna Scout


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Posted by:Jenna Scout

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